Friday, 25 October 2013

Search engine optimization

I offer you our services in: 
  • Website designing with Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Ecommerce.
  • Mobile compliant website designing for cell phones, Iphones & tablets.
  • Search engine optimization, ie finding the right keyword for your business and  getting your website on top of Google.
  • Paid advertising- through adwords, linkedIn & facebook ads.
  • Customized online marketing campaigns, ie analyzing your business model, creating a plan of promotion (B2B, B2C) & start getting you new customers.

We are a search marketing firm based in Asia. Through a planned mix of web design & web promotions, we can significantly increase your customer reach within few months of our work.

If you have commercial interests with Asian-Aviation-News.Blogspot.Com or any other website, then you might want to consider our above services. Your business objectives can certainly be presented better through good web design & marketing. Also, as the number of mobile internet users is fast increasing, your website should be mobile compliant.

I can send you case studies & references on how we have done the same for many businesses. These are some of the basic things which I offer to do. But I could send you a detailed proposal on how we can help your business in web development/marketing.

I have sent this mail is from my personal e-mail. Rest assured that this is the last e-mail you’ll see in case you reply with your disinterest or choose not to reply at all. If you are interested, I’ll further communicate through my business e-mail. We can also have a call anytime you prefer.

Looking forward to your reply. Be well.